Gerund, Infinitive or Participle Exercises

Exercise 1: Multiple Choice

Gerund, Infinitive or Participle Exercise

Choose the best form of the verb in the bracket to complete the sentences.

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Why did you take the bus instead of (drive)?

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At night, it is difficult to avoid (hit)animals on the road.

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I was the first person (arrive) so I lit the fire.

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Can you hear the birds (sing)?

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It’s easy (see) during the day but hard at night.

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The teacher asked me (explain) the answer to the other students.

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When the gunman began (fire), she felt a bullet (rush) past her.

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We watched the children (jump) in the snow.

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I suggested (watch() a film after dinner.

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I couldn’t help (laugh) when he slipped and fell.

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Has the meat finished (cook)? No, the bbq seems (be) out.

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Never cross a road without (look).

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Do you remember (watch) cartoons on television when you were young?

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The police caught the thief (climb) over the wall.

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It is nice (hear) the wind and rain when you are safe inside.

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There’s not point in (tell) him. He never listens to anything I say.

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The zipline was very high. He was too scared (do) it.

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He always talks without (think).

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The only solution is (go) and (see) her.

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He always felt scared (walk) past the fierce dog on his way to school.

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She saw the car (move) forward but couldn’t do anything (stop( it.

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