Feelings Word Search (no wordlist)

ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE FEELINGS WORD SEARCH CHALLENGE: Can you find the 12 adjectives to describe feelings in 12 minutes? PDF version: Adjectives to Describe Feelings Wordsearch A2


What’s the difference? Understanding the difference between the words travel, trip, journey and voyage can be difficult for some students as the words refer to similar things! a trip (noun) A trip is typically very short or is repeated.  It can also mean a holiday. Example sentence:  We’re going on a trip to the seaside with some friends next weekend. … Read More


What’s the difference between the verbs, LOOK, SEE and WATCH? SEE The verb ‘see’ is the basic function of eyes. When our eyes are open, we see things around us whether we want or not. It is the ability (to perceive things with our eyes). EXAMPLES: I don’t see very well without my glasses. I saw a new boy at … Read More