Places: Countryside Flashcards Vocabulary (A2)

Watch the video and try to remember as many words as you can. Repeat each word after you listen to it.

Note: The word ‘wood’ has different meanings. A small forest is a wood. Wood is also the material used to make furniture such as tables and chairs.
Another tricky word in the video is hill. A hill is simply a very small mountain!

Now test yourself with the quiz below. Try and remember the word just by looking at the picture before you read the answer to the question.

Places: Countryside Vocabulary Flashcards

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There is snow on the ____.

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A ____ is a place where you sleep in a tent.

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No people live on this ____. It's too small.

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There are white clouds in the ____.

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There are many ____ in Brazil.

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Sandy ____ are very beautiful.

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A ____ is a very small mountain.

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There is a ____ in the forest.

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These are the tracks of a ____

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The biggest ____ in the world is the Amazon.

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A small forest is a ____.

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