House & Home: Vocabulary Flashcards A2

Reading Exercise: A Day at Home Sam’s New Apartment Sam recently moved into a new apartment. He loves his new home because it has many great features and furniture. In the living room, Sam has a comfortable armchair where he likes to sit and read books. Next to the armchair is a small table with a lamp. The living room … Read More

Places: Countryside Flashcards Vocabulary (A2)

Watch the video and try to remember as many words as you can. Repeat each word after you listen to it. Note: The word ‘wood’ has different meanings. A small forest is a wood. Wood is also the material used to make furniture such as tables and chairs. Another tricky word in the video is hill. A hill is simply … Read More

Food & Drink Vocabulary A2

Watch the video and check your knowledge with the interactive quiz on food & drink below. Now, test yourself!

Essential Verbs For SAT / ACT

  Verb Synonyms Antonyms Prattle Babble, Chatter, Gabble Be silent, Speak clearly Upbraid Blame, Rebuke, Reproach Praise, Compliment, Approve Covet Desire, Crave, Yearn for Give, Donate, Relinquish Exhort Encourage, Urge, Advise Discourage, Deter, Dissuade Digress Deviate, Stray, Wander Stay on topic, Stay focused, Stick to the point Polarize Divide, Split, Separate Unify, Bring together, Merge Stymie Block, Hinder, Obstruct Assist, … Read More

SAT English Vocabulary to Describe Personality

Please scroll down for a complete list of adjectives to describe personality and their synonyms. In addition to the crossword below, you will also find a multiple-choice exercise at the bottom of this page.     ADJECTIVE SYNONYM Wry Ironic, Sardonic, Dry, Snide, Sarcastic Audacious Bold, Brave, Daring Gregarious Sociable, Outgoing, Friendly Prudent Cautious, Wary, Careful Ambivalent Indecisive, Undecided, Torn … Read More

Teach or Learn?

What’s the difference between teach and learn? This is a common question in class and the difference is quite easy!  A teacher teaches in a school and students learn. TEACH – use the verb ‘teach’ to mean to instruct or to show someone how to do something.    Examples: 1).  My teacher teaches very well.  I always understand everything  2).  … Read More

Dramatic vs Tragic

When Should We Use Dramatic and When Should We Use Tragic? The words dramatic and tragic are very different in English but are often confused by learners (particularly those who speak Dutch).  Both words come from Latin & the world of theatre (i.e. tragic drama). Dramatic Meaning:  1. exciting, impressive, surprising.    2. sudden.  Dramatic is the adjective of the noun drama which means a … Read More

Phrasal Verbs with ACROSS

If you are approaching learning phrasal verbs by the particle, the category with across is fortunately quite small. There are 2 main meanings to phrasal verbs with across.  The first is similar to a preposition of movement with an action verb + across to mean to get from one side to another (as in on a road for example).  The … Read More


Phrasal verbs can be hard to learn for many different reasons.  But perhaps, the first thing to understand is that there are thousands of them.  This is why you should never attempt or even consider trying to learn all of them! Different Meanings The problem with phrasal verbs lies in the fact that the combination of the words used in … Read More