Course Collocations

Course Collocations – a list of the most common expressions and phrases in English using the word course. one-week course / two-year course: meaning the length of a course.  Note that we don’t say a two-years course.   In these expressions, week & years act as adjectives (not nouns) and therefore the plural form cannot be used. Examples: Sandy knew her … Read More


What’s the difference? Understanding the difference between the words travel, trip, journey and voyage can be difficult for some students as the words refer to similar things! a trip (noun) A trip is typically very short or is repeated.  It can also mean a holiday. Example sentence:  We’re going on a trip to the seaside with some friends next weekend. … Read More


In English we can use many expressions to mean that we are joking.  Many of these expressions are called idioms which are words combined together to mean something new. to pull someone’s leg If someone says that they are ‘just pulling your leg’ they mean they are not talking seriously and they are just joking.  You can also use this … Read More


What’s the difference between ARGUE and DISCUSS? When we use the verb argue, we mean that we have a fight with words.  You can also say to have an argument with someone. When we use the verb discuss, we mean that we have a conversation with someone about a serious topic. DON’T MAKE THESE COMMON MISTAKES ✅ Don’t argue about … Read More