In English we can use many expressions to mean that we are joking.  Many of these expressions are called idioms which are words combined together to mean something new.

to pull someone’s leg

If someone says that they are ‘just pulling your leg’ they mean they are not talking seriously and they are just joking.  You can also use this expression when you don’t believe what someone is saying.
For example: You’re saying you want to invite me New York?  I don’t believe it.  You’re just pulling my leg.

meaning of idiom to pull someone's leg, joke around, have some on, take they mick, mickey



to have someone on

this expressions means that you are joking and do not intend to be serious.  Example sentence: I knew he was having me on when he said that.

to take the Mick or to take the Mickey

Use this phrase in just the same way as to pull someone’s leg or to have someone on.  Example Sentence: He is a funny guy and like to take the Mick.

to take the piss – this is the shorter form of the expression ‘to take the piss out of someone’.  This is the most informal of the all the idioms meaning to joke around on this page.  Be careful how you use it!  It is not very polite!

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