Easy phrases with take

Common Phrases with Take for A2 / Elementary Level of English

take a course / take an exam / take a test / take lessons

Example Sentences:

  • Why are your studying English?  I’m taking a test next week.
  • You have to take exams before you can go to university.
  • I’m taking English lessons with a very good teacher.


take with transport (car / bus / train / boat)

Example Sentences:

  • I like to take trains when I go on holiday.
  • How do you go to school?  I take the bus.
  • If you come to Malta, you must take a boat trip to Comino.  It’s very beautiful.

take time

Example sentences:

  • You can’t learn a language in a day, it takes time.
  • How long does it take to get to the city by bus?
  • My teacher gives us a lot of homework exercises.  It takes me 3 hours to do it!

Take + thing with you

  • Are you going running?  Take some water with you.  It’s very hot.
  • Oh no! I forgot to take an umbrella and now it’s raining.
  • I don’t take a camera on holiday anymore.  I bring my phone.

And remember we TAKE photos with a camera.

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