Since, For or Ago exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to Practise the difference between since, for & ago. Level B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Present Perfect or Past Simple: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False  Present Perfect or Past Simple : Multiple Choice Exercise Mixed Time Words Present Perfect & Past Simple: Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect or Past Simple … Read More

Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercises

Mixed perfect and Simple Past Exercises Exercise 1: READ the text and complete the questions below by dragging the words to make questions in the Past Simple or Present Perfect Tense Hi.  I’m Mark Swain.  I’m an English teacher and I live in London.  I started teaching many, many years ago, in 1980.  I came to London in 1991 to find … Read More

Verbs Not Used in Continuous

Multiple-choice exercise. 18 Questions & Answers.  B1 / B2 Level. Grammar Rules: Verbs not used in Continuous More Exercises to Practise Present Continuous Present Simple or Continuous


VOCABULARY FOR CLOTHES VERBS for Clothes: to take a (small/medium/large) size to try on something in a shop to put on your clothes / to get dressed to take off your clothes / to get undressed ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE CLOTHES DIALOGUE IN A SHOP Customer: Good morning, I’m looking for a new dress. Sales Assistant: What kind of style are … Read More


Say and Tell are often confused by English learners. The two words have a very similar meaning and function.  When in doubt, follow this general rule: SAY something (to someone) TELL someone (something) CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE EXERCISES WITH SAY AND TELL WHEN TO USE SAY Use SAY to report Example Sentences: He said, ‘I don’t know how to do it.’. He … Read More