At the end / In the end exercise

The phrases AT THE END and IN THE END are very similar in English. Use at the end for time phrases and location.  For example: At the end of the year, the workers get a Christmas bonus. 2.We did some English exercises at the end of the lesson.  3. At the end of the show, the actors left the stage. 4. The … Read More

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Exercise

Choose the correct answer to complete the gap in the sentence in the multiple-choice exercise below. COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE Nouns Exercise 2  COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Grammar SOME & ANY Exercise MUCH & MANY Grammar MUCH & MANY Exercises MUCH, MANY, A LOT OF Exercise SOME & ANY Exercise  ALL or EVERY – Grammar & Exercises

Feelings Word Search (no wordlist)

ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE FEELINGS WORD SEARCH CHALLENGE: Can you find the 12 adjectives to describe feelings in 12 minutes? PDF version: Adjectives to Describe Feelings Wordsearch A2

Vegetables Word Search with wordlist 1

Vocabulary Building Word Search Vegetables Challenge:  How fast can you find all the vegetables in the list? RELATED POSTS MOST COMMON VEGETABLES IN THE WORLD WORD SCRAMBLE VEGETABLE WORD SEARCH NO WORD LIST

Present Continuous Short Answers

Multiple Choice Exercise Exercise to practise short answers to questions with the Present Continuous. Short Form Examples Are you working? Yes, I am.  No, I’m not. Is he working? Yes, he is.  No, he isn’t.  /  No, he’s not. Multiple Choice Exercise PRESENT CONTINUOUS GRAMMAR – (Form & Use) EXERCISE PRACTICE: Answering Questions in Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Short Forms … Read More

Present Simple or Continuous Exercise 2

Multiple-choice mixed forms exercise.  20 questions and answers. Beginner Level. Practice using the Present Simple & Continuous in positive, negative and question form.  

Isn’t or Aren’t Exercise

Multiple-choice  Exercise.  15 questions and answers. Beginner / A1  Change these sentences from the long negative form to the short negative form with the verb to be. Example sentence: She is not happy. Example answer: She isn’t happy.

Verb To Be – Contracted Forms Exercise

Positive and Negative Contracted Forms of the Verb TO BE  List of Contracted Forms in English Exercise 1 – Positive forms of the verb to be Use the contracted form of the verb to be to complete this exercise. Exercise 2 – Negative forms of the verb to be Use the negative contracted form of the verb to be to … Read More

Prepositions of Time Exercises

Prepositions of Time Exercises using Since, For, Ago, From…to, Till 4 Exercises. Level A1/A2  Do you know the rules for Since / For & Ago? Exercise 1: Drag the answers to complete the grammar rule. Exercise 2: Multiple Choice. Choose the answer to complete the blank in the sentence. Exercise 3: Check the grammar rules of From…to / for / … Read More