Prepositions of Place Flashcards

Prepositions of Place Memory Cards In these cards you will find pictures and questions to help you learn the following place prepositions: ON / IN / UNDER / BY / NEAR / BESIDE / ABOVE / BELOW / THROUGH / BETWEEN Learn Prepositions of Place Learn Prepositions of Movement Prepositions of Movement Exercise

Can or Can’t Exercise 1

Fill in the Blank Exercise.  24 questions and answers. Beginner / A1 Level. Online practice exercise using can or can’t with animal vocabulary and action verbs. Use CAN or CAN’t to complete the exercise below  

At, On, In for Time Quiz

/10 294 Created on May 03, 2020 AT, ON or IN? TEST YOUR PREPOSITIONS OF TIME WITH THIS EXERCISE.  1 / 10 The school meeting is ______ the 9th of October. on in at 2 / 10 I love going to the beach ____ the summer. in at on 3 / 10 I was born ___ 11 o'clock ____ the ... Read More

Until, Since, For Exercises

Exercises to practise the use of UNTIL / SINCE / FOR when used for time in English UNTIL means up to a time.  Example:  I’m working until 5 p.m. (i.e. I stop working at 5 p.m.) SINCE is used with a specific time or date.  Example: I’ve had this phone since last year. FOR is used with a period of … Read More

Questions in the Past Simple

Practice the question form of the Past Simple Tense in English.  This exercise will test your skills of the correct word order in questions. More Exercises with Questions in the Past Question Word Order in the Past Simple (regular verbs) Question Word Order in the Past Simple (irregular verbs)

Difference between DO and MAKE

What’s the difference between Do & Make?  DO + WORK MAKE + CREATE do your homework make a mistake do the housework make an appointment do the gardening make a mess do the washing up make your bed do business make a choice do some exercises make a photocopy do an exam / a test make a film do an … Read More