Verb to Be – Past Simple

Practise agreement of the verb to be in the Past Simple with the 3 exercises on this page. Exercise 1: Use WAS or WERE to complete the blanks in the sentences below. Exercise 2: Complete the blanks in the sentences using WAS or WERE. MULTIPLE CHOICE EXERCISE Exercise 3: Gap Fill Exercise.  Use WAS or WERE to complete the blanks … Read More

Helping Verbs To Be / To Do 2

Fill in the Blank Exercise. 10 questions and answers. Beginner / A1 Level. Complete this exercise with the helping verbs to be and to do Instructions: Drag the word to complete the blanks Exercise Practice: am / is / are and the verb to be.

Isn’t or Aren’t Exercise

Multiple-choice  Exercise.  15 questions and answers. Beginner / A1  Change these sentences from the long negative form to the short negative form with the verb to be. Example sentence: She is not happy. Example answer: She isn’t happy.