Practical English Usage, Michael Swan

Advanced English Grammar Book for EFL students of English

Practical English Usage

Practical English Usage is a complete grammar reference book, which is written to aid English language learners as well as English teachers with common problems in English. The book offers simple, concise explanations to typical questions in grammar and vocabulary that are frequently asked by English students. As the title of the book suggests, Practical English Usage provides students with practical answers to their difficulties in English.

Michael Swan, says that the book, ‘deals with over 600 points which regularly cause difficulty to foreign students of English. It will be useful, for example, to a learner who is not sure how to use a particular structure, or who has made a mistake and wants to find out why it is wrong…. There is a full coverage of grammar, as well as explanations of a large number of common vocabulary problems.’  The latest or 4th edition of the book also offers online access.

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