Time Prepositions

Learn Time Prepositions and Phrases In Common Expressions (at/on/in/every/next) Multiple Choice Exercise Prepositions of Time Exercises Prepositions After Verbs Prepositions at the end of questions exercises Prepositions After Adjectives Prepositions of Movement Quiz Prepositions of Time, Place & Motion Exercises More Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

At the end / In the end exercise

The phrases AT THE END and IN THE END are very similar in English. Use at the end for time phrases and location.  For example: At the end of the year, the workers get a Christmas bonus. 2.We did some English exercises at the end of the lesson.  3. At the end of the show, the actors left the stage. 4. The … Read More

Take Phrasal Verb Exercises

To learn how to use take as a phrasal verb click here. Phrasal Verb Take Exercise 1 (Multiple Choice) Phrasal Verb Take Exercise 2 (Multiple Choice) Phrasal Verb Take Exercise 3 (Drag and Drop) More Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Go Phrasal Verb Exercise

To learn more about how to use Go as a phrasal or multi-word verb, click here. Use the phrasal verbs below to complete the 2 multiple choice exercises on this page. go back = return to go on = continue go up = increase go down = decrease go out with = to date go off = to dislike go … Read More

Verbs Not Used in Continuous

Multiple-choice exercise. 18 Questions & Answers.  B1 / B2 Level. Grammar Rules: Verbs not used in Continuous More Exercises to Practise Present Continuous Present Simple or Continuous