Come Phrasal Verb Test

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Come Phrasal Verb Exercise Advanced

Learn how to use come as a phrasal verb

come down with = to get sick

come up with = to have an idea

come out = reveal

come over = visit

come into = inherit / gain accidentally

come across = find accidentally

come around = to regain consciousness

come up = happen unexpectedly


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There’s a nasty virus going around. I hope I don’t get sick from it.

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We haven't see you for ages!  Why don't you visit us in England this summer?

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It’s been ages since I saw you. Why don’t you visit my house for dinner?

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It’s a terrible situation but I’m sure he’ll recover from it in the end.

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We have to find a solution to this problem. Let work on it together and see if we can find some new ideas.

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We didn't know he was homosexual until he revealed it on Facebook!

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This isn't working.  We need to think of a new idea.

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He's very creative.  He always thinks of solutions to the problem.

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The truth is always revealed in the end.

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She will take an hour to regain consciousness after the operation.

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I accidentally found my old English exercise book in a drawer.

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I'm so sorry but I can't come this evening.  I have a problem.

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He got a lot of money when his father died.

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She said that I could go with her to the party.

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I don’t feel well. I hope I’m not getting sick.

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