What Time is it? Exercise

/20 What time is it? Exercise to practise telling the time in English.  Multiple choice quiz.  Select the correct answer to the question. 1 / 20 What time is it? It's 10 minutes past 7. It's 7 minutes past 9. It's 7 minutes past 10. 2 / 20 What time is it? A quarter to seven. A quarter past seven. ... Read More

Present Perfect Exercise (regular & irregular verbs)

Present Perfect Multiple-Choice Exercise to practise participles of regular and irregular verbs in positive and negative sentences. Level: A1 Beginner / A2 Elementary A1 Beginner/ A2 Elementary Exercises A2 Pre-Intermediate Exercises Present Perfect Regular & Irregular Verbs:  Multiple Choice Exercise Since & For: Multiple Choice Exercise Prepositions of Time: Mixed Exercises Am, Is, Are Exercises Present Simple

Can or Can’t Exercise 1

Fill in the Blank Exercise.  24 questions and answers. Beginner / A1 Level. Online practice exercise using can or can’t with animal vocabulary and action verbs. Use CAN or CAN’t to complete the exercise below  

Verb to Be – Past Simple

Practise agreement of the verb to be in the Past Simple with the 3 exercises on this page. Exercise 1: Use WAS or WERE to complete the blanks in the sentences below. Exercise 2: Complete the blanks in the sentences using WAS or WERE. MULTIPLE CHOICE EXERCISE Exercise 3: Gap Fill Exercise.  Use WAS or WERE to complete the blanks … Read More