20 JOB FLASHCARDS TO BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY IN ENGLISH. Learn the following words: dentist, doctor, firefighter, builder, nurse, photographer, soldier, criminal, thief, taxi driver, chef, painter, artist, gardener, delivery person, singer, life guard, thief, hair stylist, barber, hairdresser, detective.  

Countable or Uncountable Nouns Ex.2

Drag & Drop Exercise Instructions: Sort the nouns below by dragging them into the correct column (countable or uncountable) below.   COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS grammar COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE EXERCISES MUCH & MANY grammar SOME & ANY Exercise  ALL or EVERY Grammar & Exercise

Since & For Exercise

Since & For Exercise Practice Level: A2 Elementary / B1 Intermediate A1 Beginner/ A2 Elementary Exercises Present Perfect Regular & Irregular Verbs:  Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect Participles:  Flashcards Exercise Prepositions of Time: Mixed Exercises  B1 / Intermediate Exercises Since, For or Ago: Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect or Past Simple: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False  Present … Read More

If vs When Exercises

Choose WHEN or IF to complete the gap in the exercises below.  Be careful!  Some of the sentences can take both IF and WHEN.   In this exercise, choose the answer that has the SAME meaning as the one provided in the example.

Questions in the Past Simple Regular Verbs

2 Exercises.  10 Questions & Answers. A1 Level – Beginner Exercise to practice asking questions in the Past Simple.  Put the verb in brackets into the correct form. Example: ______ you ______ (like) the restaurant last night?  DID you like the restaurant last night? Exercise 2 Drag the words to complete the questions.   More Questions Exercises in the Past … Read More

Past Simple Word Search

Put the following irregular verbs in the PAST SIMPLE and find them in the word search below: BE, HAVE, DO, SAY, GO, CAN, GET, MAKE, KNOW, THINK, TAKE, SEE, COME, FIND.  

At, On, In for Time Quiz

/10 274 Created on May 03, 2020 AT, ON or IN? TEST YOUR PREPOSITIONS OF TIME WITH THIS EXERCISE.  1 / 10 My birthday is _____ November. in at on 2 / 10 The forest is scary _________ night. at in on 3 / 10 I love going to the beach ____ the summer. at on in 4 / 10 ... Read More

Until, Since, For Exercises

Exercises to practise the use of UNTIL / SINCE / FOR when used for time in English UNTIL means up to a time.  Example:  I’m working until 5 p.m. (i.e. I stop working at 5 p.m.) SINCE is used with a specific time or date.  Example: I’ve had this phone since last year. FOR is used with a period of … Read More

Since, For or Ago exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to Practise the difference between since, for & ago. Level B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Present Perfect or Past Simple: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False  Present Perfect or Past Simple : Multiple Choice Exercise Mixed Time Words Present Perfect & Past Simple: Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect or Past Simple … Read More