1. The Sliema Promenade is a great source of free entertainment.   It’s a great place for walking, jogging or meeting up with friends and grabbing a bite to eat al fresco at one of the outdoor cafes. The promenade extends from St Julian’s, through Sliema and the path can be followed all the way to the bottom of Valletta at Floriana. This route is so popular that people from all over Malta come here to take a walk.
  2. Take the Ferry to Valletta. It’s a great way to get out on the Valletta Harbour and a one-way ticket costs a mere 1.50 Euros. On arrival, you’ll find a few cafe’s and restaurants if you want to get a bite to eat. You can also just walk or take the bus up into Valletta to do a little sightseeing.
  3. Go Diving. There are a number of diving schools dotted around the coastline in Sliema . One of Malta’s best kept secrets is the beauty of our blue, blue sea. You can take a diving course or just opt for a trial dive. Courses are available for adults as well as children.
  4. Go for a coffee. There are heaps of cafes in Sliema which are popular hangouts. It’s a good way to socialise and taste some some of the local specialities.
  5. Try some Yoga on the Beach. There are a number of yoga centres in the Sliema area. My favourite is Freemyme.
  6. Swimming. Malta is blessed with a rocky coastline which offers a lovely, clear sea. If diving is not for you, you can swim all around the coast. If you prefer, you can also choose one of the designated swimming zones which are supervised by life guards.
  7. Take a Boat Cruise. If you pop down to the Sliema Ferries, you’ll find a range of companies offering boat trips all over Malta. Prices start at about 20 Euros and the most popular destination is Comino (which you probably want to avoid at the weekend in July and August if you don’t like crowds).   If you can, I’d also suggest taking one of the Malta Night as there is something just magical about being out on the water at night.
  8. Take a sightseeing tour around Malta. This is a good way to get to some attractions in Malta that are not well served by the public buses. While visiting Valletta, Mdina and the sandy beaches is generally quite quick and easy from Sliema, places on the west coast tend to have a dodgy bus schedule. So if you want to visit some of the favourite tourist destinations in Malta such as Hagar Qim and the Blue Grotto, the private Hop On, Hop Off bus tours are a great solution.
  9. Jump on a bus to Mdina. The old capital of Malta, Mdina has been nicknamed the Silent City as it is a pedestrian-only zone. Mdina boasts some of the finest architecture in Malta and is lovely both during the day and at night. Other things to do while in the Mdina area include visiting the Catacombs, St Paul’s Grotto and the Roman Villa in Rabat.   If you are not one for a lot of culture, then you can take a bus to Dingli to see the cliffs and enjoy some walking in Malta’s countryside.
  10. Go Shopping. Sliema is one of Malta’s main shopping areas for clothes and accessories. Bisazza Street is at the heart of the 3 roads which make up the main shopping area. There are also two shopping malls, one is on Bisazza Street while the other, The Point is a little further away at Quisisana. The Point is the newest shopping mall and is slightly more up-market.
  Carnival!10 Things To Do In Sliema, Malta   


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