What’s the difference between adjectives ending in ING and adjectives ending in ED?

Use adjectives that end with /ed/ to describe how you feel.
• I was bored during the class.
• I was annoyed with the teacher.
• I was tired after my lesson.

Use adjectives that end with /ing/ to describe a situation or a thing.
• The class was boring.
• The teacher was annoying.
• My lesson was tiring.

Download PDF worksheet and exercises on ING or ED adjectivesING or ED adjectives worksheet

Complete the sentences below with the correct form on the adjective in brackets.
1. The film was ___________ (exciting / excited).
2. I was ___________ (confusing / confused) during the lesson.
3. He was ___________ (shocking / shocked) by what she said.
4. He is so ___________ (annoying / annoyed). He never listens to what you say.
5. The movie was very ___________ (frightening / frightened).
6. I don’t understand. I’m ___________ (confusing / confused).
7. Learning English is very ___________ (interesting / interested).
8. I was ___________ (inspiring / inspired) by the biography of Gandhi.
9. Saunas are very ___________ (relaxing / relaxed).
10. I feel very ___________ (relaxing / relaxed) after my holiday.

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