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English Contractions, Shortened Verb Forms


Short Forms of the Verb ‘to be’

Present Tense
I am I’m I’m not
you are you’re you aren’t you’re not
he is he’s he isn’t he’s not
she is she’s she isn’t she’s not
it is it’s it isn’t it is not
we are we’re we aren’t we’re not
they are they’re they aren’t they’re not
there is there‘s 
here is here‘s
where is where‘s 
what is what‘s 
how is how‘s

Note: ‘s can be used to mean is or has. For example: She’s English. (She is English). She’s got a dog. (She has got a dog.)
You can use a contracted form with any noun. For example: Mark’s here. / The book’s on the table. The forms are very common in speaking but are used less frequently in writing.

Short Forms of the Verb ‘to be’

Past Tense
I / He / She / It was not wasn’t
We / You / They were not weren’t

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Short Forms of the Verb ‘to have’

Present Tense
I have I’ve I haven’t I’ve not
You have You’ve You haven’t You’ve not
He has He’s He hasn’t He’s not
She has She’s She hasn’t She’s not
It has It’s It hasn’t It’s not
We have We’ve We haven’t We’ve not
They have They’ve They haven’t They’ve not
PAST Tense
I had I’d I hadn’t I’d not
You had You‘d You hadn’t You’d not
He had He‘d He hadn’t He’d not
She had She‘d She hadn’t She’d not
It had It‘d It hadn’t It’d not
We had We‘d We hadn’t We’d not
They had They‘d They hadn’t They’d not

Note: The forms I’ve / I haven’t are very, very common in English. You will also hear the form I’ve not… but note that this form is much rarer.

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Short Forms of Verb ‘to Do’

Present Tense
He / She / It do not doesn’t
Past Tense
I / You / He / She / It / We / You / They did not didn’t

Short Forms of Modal Verb WILL

Present & Future
I will I’ll won’t I’ll not
you will you’ll you won’t you’ll not
he will he’ll he won’t he’ll not
she will she’ll she won’t she’ll not
it will it’ll it won’t it’ll not
we will we’ll we won’t we’ll not
they will they’ll they won’t they’ll not

Short Forms of Modal Verb WOULD

Past Tense
I would I’d I wouldn’t
you would you’d you wouldn’t
he would he’d he wouldn’t
she would she’d she wouldn’t
it would it’d it wouldn’t
we would we’d we wouldn’t
they would they’d they wouldn’t
Past Tense
I / you / he / she / it / we / you / they would have would’ve
I / you / he / she / it / we / you / they would not have wouldn’t’ve

Short Forms of other MODAL & SEMI-MODAL VERBS

Present & Future
cannot can’t
could not couldn’t
might not mightn’t
must not mustn’t
need not needn’t
ought not oughtn’t
shall not shan’t
should not shouldn’t
used not usedn’t
will not won’t
had not hadn’t
dare not daren’t
Past Tense
can not have can’t’ve
could not have couldn’t’ve
might not have mightn’t’ve
must not have mustn’t’ve
need not have needn’t’ve
ought not have oughtn’t’ve
shall not have shan’t’ve
should not have shouldn’t’ve
will not have won’t’ve
dare not have daren’t’ve

Short form of verb TO BE

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