Phrasal Verbs for Banking


Exercise 1
Match the phrasal verb to its meaning

Exercise 2
Complete the gap with one of the phrasal verbs above

Exercise 3
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Phrasal Verbs for Banking

Test your phrasal verbs for banking with this quiz!

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If you need money, you can _________ (withdraw) the bank.

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After 20 years, he finally _____ (return borrowed money) the mortgage on his house.

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He said he couldn’t ______ (return the money he owes me).

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He will need to sell some of his assets because his money is all ______ (unavailable) at the moment.

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Many students _______ (create a bill) thousands of dollars of debt on their credit cards.

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He ______ (deposit) bank account.

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Her boss said that her salary would be ________ (deposit) her back account.

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There was a sharp increase in sales at the beginning of the year but it _______ (stop increasing or decreasing) by the end of the year.

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When she moved to London, she _____ (create) a bank account.

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Investors lost a lot of money when the prices of stocks and shares _______(decrease in price).

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