Past Simple Word Search

Put the following irregular verbs in the PAST SIMPLE and find them in the word search below: BE, HAVE, DO, SAY, GO, CAN, GET, MAKE, KNOW, THINK, TAKE, SEE, COME, FIND.  

Feelings Word Search (no wordlist)

ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE FEELINGS WORD SEARCH CHALLENGE: Can you find the 12 adjectives to describe feelings in 12 minutes? PDF version: Adjectives to Describe Feelings Wordsearch A2

Vegetables Word Search no words 2

How fast can you find the vegetables in this word search? Tip: The shortest word in this search has only 4 letters, the longest word has 11 letters. Vegetables Word Scramble Challenge worksheet with answers pdf RELATED POSTS VEGETABLE WORD SEARCH WITH WORDS MOST COMMON VEGETABLES EATEN AROUND THE WORLD WORD SEARCH


PAST SIMPLE FORM Regular Form: Add ‘ed’ to the bare infinitive for regular verbs – I worked / he played Negative Form: Use DID NOT + Base of Verb (long form) or DIDN’T + Base of Verb Question Form (Regular & Irregular Verbs): DID Subject Base of Verb – Did you buy a book at the shop? Irregular Form: Remember … Read More