ALL  (OF) = the whole or complete group

EVERY = each item / object in the group

 Note that ALL is used with plural nouns while EVERY is used with singular nouns.

It is not possible to use a Determiner such as the, a/an, this / that, yours, his, etc. with EVERY.


ALL or EVERY? Compare the following:

I watched all the episodes in the ‘Friends’ series.

I watched all (of) the film last night.

All my friends love Malta.


I watched every episode in the ‘Friends’ series.

I watched every minute of the film last night.

Every one of my friends loves Malta.


Note you cannot say:

I watched every the episode in the ‘Friends’ series. 

Every my friend loves Malta.

Download PDF worksheet and exercises.

Complete the exercise below using ALL or EVERY:

  1. Have you read ­­­­_______ the newspaper?
  2. I cry _______ time I watch the film.
  3. _______ the people in my office are hard-working.
  4. I go to the gym _______ day.
  5. I ate _______ the chocolate.
  6. I watch movies in English _______ the time.
  7. Tell me _______ about your holiday in England.
  8. I would like to visit _______ country in Europe before I die.
  9. I understand _______ word when I listen to the radio in English.
  10. _______ time I catch the bus, it’s late.

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