Black Idioms & Expressions

Created on November 27, 2020 Black Idioms & Expressions 1 / 14 If you PUT something in BLACK AND WHITE, you… write a contract or put an agreement in writing. show that something is not true. 2 / 14 When someone is a BLACK SHEEP, they… are the strangest person in a group of people. not very intelligent. 3 / ... Read More

Phrasal Verbs with ACROSS

If you are approaching learning phrasal verbs by the particle, the category with across is fortunately quite small. There are 2 main meanings to phrasal verbs with across.  The first is similar to a preposition of movement with an action verb + across to mean to get from one side to another (as in on a road for example).  The … Read More


Using Phrasal Verbs or Multi-Word Verbs can be a tricky business. There are also so many, that learning them might seem like climbing a mountain. However, when you find out (discover) that many phrasal verbs have similar meanings, the list you need to learn gets a lot shorter. Organising PHRASAL VERBS into categories is a useful method as it will … Read More

Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

Most Common Phrasal Verbs with DOWN On this page, you will learn how to use the verbs; break, cut, let, put, settle, slow, turn and write with the preposition DOWN. Meaning & Examples of Phrasal Verbs with DOWN To break down means to stop working or functioning.  Example sentence: The car broke down yesterday. To cut down means to use … Read More


The Viral Egg is a meme inspired by a 19 year old from India. The aim was to get more likes on Instagram than Kylie Jenner’s announcement of the birth of her daughter, Stormi. The mission was successful, with the photo of a simple egg trending and taking over the rankings for the number one photo on Instagram. Egg memes … Read More


Lay / Laid / Lie – Confusing VERBS at C1 or Advanced Level of English These 3 irregular verbs are very similar in meaning and also have similar past participles.  Read the explanation to uncover the differences below. Verb to lay – takes a direct object (lay something down) Meanings: (a.) to careful put something in position, (b.) to reproduce … Read More