Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

Most Common Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

On this page, you will learn how to use the verbs; break, cut, let, put, settle, slow, turn and write with the preposition DOWN.

Meaning & Examples of Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

To break down means to stop working or functioning.  Example sentence: The car broke down yesterday.

To cut down means to use or eat less (reduce).  Example sentences:  1. I take too much sugar.  I must cut down. 2. The doctor told him to cut down on fat.  Note: cut down is often followed by on.

To let somebody down means to disappoint.  Example sentence: He let the team down when he didn’t come to play the match.

To put down something means to place a thing on a surface like a table.  Example sentence:  Can you put down your phone so we can talk?  The opposite of to put down is to pick up.

To settle down means to stay or live in one place.  Example sentence: They got married and settled down in the city.

To slow down means to go more slowly or reduce speed.  Example sentence:  He was talking too fast so I asked him to slow down.

To turn down means to make the sound or volume lower.  Example sentence:  Can you please turn the T.V. down?  It’s too loud.

To write down means to write.  Example sentence: Please write down the answers on your exercise book.


Phrasal Verb Form

We can put the object between the verb and the preposition in some of the phrasal verbs above with no change to the meaning.


  1. Put the baby down. / Put down the baby
  2. Please turn down your phone. / Please turn your phone down.
  3. I must cut coffee down. / I’m drinking too much coffee I must cut down.
  4. Can you slow the car down? / Can you slow the car down?
  5. He turned the job down. / He turned down the job.
  6. She let the students down. / She let down the students.
  7. Can you write your name down? / Can you write down your name?

Settle down: special case

If you put an object between settle and down the meaning of the phrasal verb changes completely.

If you settle down in the city it means that you start living in the city and don’t move from one place to another.

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