Get a life! Expressions with GET


GET A LIFE – Meaning: go and start doing something interesting
Example sentence:  She just sits around the house all day.  She really needs to get a life.

GET A MOVE ON – Meaning: Hurry up! or get going
Example sentence:  Come on!  Let’s get a move on!  We’re going to be late.

GET LOST –  Meaning: Go away
Example sentence:  When she asked for help, I just told her to get lost.

GET THE SACK – Meaning: Lose your job
Example sentence:  Have you heard Jim got the sack?  He was late for work again.

GET OUT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED – Meaning: to be in a bad mood or start the day badly.
Example sentence:  I think you got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  You’re not usually so grumpy.

GET TOGETHER – Meaning: party, social gathering or meeting with friends
Example sentence:  We’re having a little get together at the pub after work today.  Do you want to join us?

GET ON (LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE) – Meaning: to be good friends
Example sentence:  The children never fight. They get on like a house on fire. / They really get on well.

GET UP AND GO – Meaning: energy or enthusiasm
Example sentence:  He’s lost his get up and go.  He’s still depressed.

GET A RISE – Meaning: get paid more in your job
Example sentence:  I’m never going to get a rise unless I get more qualifications.

GET NOWHERE – Meaning: make no progress
Example sentence:  The meeting lasted 3 hours but we got nowhere.

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER – Meaning: get organised or improve performance
Example sentence:  You can’t keep in to work late.  You’ve really got to get your act together.

GET SOMEBODY DOWN – Meaning: to make depressed
Example sentence:  I haven’t been able to find a new job and it’s really getting me down.

GET GOING – Meaning: to hurry up / get a move on
Example sentence:  We’ve really got to get going or we’ll miss the film.

GET YOUR OWN BACK – Meaning: take revenge
Example sentence:  She tricked me and I can’t wait to get my own back on her.

GET AWAY WITH MURDER – Meaning: to be undisciplined or not punished for doing bad things
Example sentence:  That child gets away with murder.

GET AWAY (FROM IT ALL) – Meaning: to take a break
Example sentence: I’m looking forward to our holiday.  It’s going to good to get away from it all.  / Our flight is tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get away!

Get on / Get off / Get into / Get out of – using get for transport

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