When we use BETWEEN and AMONG

Use BETWEEN to describe the difference between or the position of two things. Use AMONG to describe the difference or position in a group of things. Between Examples: Look between the curtains and you’ll see a strange man outside. The table is between the 2 chairs. Among Look! There’s an old house among those trees. I found my keys among … Read More


Prepositions of Movement Exercise: Click here for EXERCISE practice with prepositions of movement and direction Click on the links below to learn more about prepositions: Learn Prepositions of Place Learn Prepositions of Time


  What’s the difference between in front of and opposite? Distance. Opposite is further away (i.e. across the table) while in front of is very close. What’s the difference between under and underneath? No difference in meaning. We say under more often than underneath because it’s shorter! What’s the difference between next to and beside? No difference :). Next to … Read More