prepositions of place, among, amongst, between, under, unde

Prepositions of Place in English


What’s the difference between in front of and opposite?
Distance. Opposite is further away (i.e. across the table) while in front of is very close.

What’s the difference between under and underneath?
No difference in meaning. We say under more often than underneath because it’s shorter!

What’s the difference between next to and beside?
No difference :). Next to and beside have the exact same meaning.

What’s the difference between above and on top of?
Use above if the object does not touch the surface underneath (i.e. the picture is above the door). On and on top of have the same meaning but again we typically use just on because it is shorter and easier to say.

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Complete the exercise on prepositions of place below:
1. Planes fly _______ the ground.
2. Carrots grow _______ the ground.
3. Mexico is __________ the U.S.
4. If you are cold, lie _________ the blanket.
5. Put the tea bag _______ the cup.
6. Put your phone ________ the table.
7. Don’t stand ___________ the fire. It can be dangerous.
8. At school I sit (in the middle of) __________ my two best friends.
9. The shop is _________________ the school. It’s just across the road.

1. above 2. under 3. next to / close to 4. under 5. in / inside 6. on / on top of / 7. in front of 8. between 9. opposite

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Answers to questions in the Prepositions of Place video:
1. above
2. under

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