Used to Past Habits Exercise

USED TO Grammar Rules

  • Use the form USED TO for past habits & regular or habitual actions in the past.
  • The negative form of USED TO is didn’t use to.
  • The question form of USED TO is: Did you use to…..?
  • USED TO is often used with the phrases anymore or any longer.
  • Use the Past Simple for actions that happened only once in the past.  However, you can also use the Past Simple with adverbs of frequency to talk about past habits or regular actions in the past.

Example Sentences:

USED TO: 1. I used to ride my bike to school when I was a child. 2. I didn’t use to eat vegetables when I was younger.  3. Did your mother use to make you eat your vegetables?

PAST SIMPLE: 1. I rode my bike 4 times last week. 2. I didn’t eat any vegetables when I was younger. 3. Did your mother always make you eat your vegetables when you were younger?

Used to Past Habits Exercise

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Used to Past Habits Exercise

Complete the blanks in the sentences with the correct form of USED TO in questions and positive / negative sentences.

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She ______ like dogs but now she has two of her own.

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There _______ a lot of traffic in the city but now there is less because buses to the city are free.

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She ______ have 10 cats but 2 ran away and now she only has 8 cats.

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Does he play a lot of tennis? Not anymore, but he _______.

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I think people ______ more T.V. before the internet was invented.

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Complete this grammar rule: Use ___________ for repeated or regular actions in the past.

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They _______ have a lot of friends but they don't know many people here.

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______ eat a lot of chocolate when you were a child? Yes, I did.

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Complete this grammar rule: Use ___________ for actions that happened once in the past.

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He _______ play the piano but he hasn't played for years.

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He _______ eat any vegetables when he was a child. Now, he's a vegetarian!

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_______ do a lot of English grammar exercises when you were at school?

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When we were young, we ________ to play football on the street.

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We _______ watch T.V. when we were kids. We _________ read.

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I _____ run 5 kilometres every morning before I broke my ankle.

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______ smoke when you were a teenager?

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The Hagia Sophia in Turkey is now a mosque but it ______ a church.

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She _______ a car but she doesn't drive anymore.

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We ___________ computer games when we were children.

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Complete this grammar rule: Use USED TO for…..

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