Try to use Phrasal Verbs such as GO as much as possible. Native English speakers typically use plenty of Phrasal Verbs. This is especially true in speaking and conversation. This is just a short list of Phrasal Verbs with GO – there are many more.

Phrasal Verbs with go, go on, go off, go ahead, go into, go by, go out, go out with someone, go into , go over to go on 

Meaning 1 – to continue.

Example: He never seems to get to the end of the story. It just keeps going on and on.

Meaning 2 – to happen.

Example: I thought something was going on in the town when I heard the fireworks.

to go up / down

Meaning – to increase / decrease.

Example: The price of living always seems to go up. It never goes down.

to go out with someone

Meaning: to date.

Example: They went out with each other for 2 years before they got engaged.

to go into

Meaning: to discuss.

Example: She doesn’t like to go into details about her divorce.

to go off  

Meaning 1 – to stop liking.

Example: I used to love McDonald’s. Then I ate it every day for 2 weeks and I completely went off it.

Meaning 2: used for food to say that it is no longer good to eat.

Example:  You have to be careful with chicken and milk.  If you don’t put them in the fridge, they will go off.

to go by

Meaning: to pass.

Example: As time goes by her English is getting better and better.

to go back

Meaning: to return.

Example: It’s started raining. We’d better go back home before we get wet.

to go ahead

Meaning: to move forward.

Example: Despite opposition from the people, the government decided to go ahead with plans to build a new airport.

to go over

Meaning: to focus on.

Example: Let’s go over the details of the contract after lunch.

Exercise 1:  Match these phrasal verbs with GO to their meaning.

Teacher’s Tip!  Complete these exercises below to practise your Phrasal Verbs with Go.  


Teacher’s Tip! Make a list of all the ones that you get wrong and jot them down in your notebook.  If you prefer to learn online, use a free online service to create your list.

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